APPA Union Delegates Council

Workplace Delegates must be elected every school year.

Delegates highlighted in RED have been elected for the 2020-2021 school year.

If your workplace has VACANT, or IS NOT highlighted in RED, there is no official delegate elected.

In order to be officially recognized as a workplace delegate, an election needs to be held amongst APPA members in the workplace.

The elected delegate must fill out the Official union delegate election form below and return it to the APPA offices.

For more information on the function of a union delegate, click here.

For the official union delegate election form, click here.

Last updated: October 27, 2020

Workplace Delegate Occupation Substitute Information liaison
Bancroft Sirmatenia Chasiotis Daycare Educator Margarita Batsis
Carlyle Heather Mason Attendant for handicapped students David Kennedy
Cedarcrest Maria Argyriou School Secretary
Cité des Prairies VACANT
Coronation Michelle Fradkin Attendant for handicapped students Tara Kleen
Dalkeith Attendant for handicapped students Patricia Claro
Dunrae Gardens School Secretary Catherine Auger
East Hill VACANT  
Edinburgh Maria Lloyd  Special Education Technician
Edward-Murphy Melissa Cacchiotti    Attendant for handicapped students   Christopher Simeone 
Elizabeth Ballantyne Roen Higgins Special Education Technician
Elizabeth High School Scala Beltran
EMSB -Secretary General Andrea Di Tomaso Graphic Arts Technician
EMSB School Organisation Catherine Varvarikos Office Agent I
Focus Dale Osmond-Fernandes
Galileo Adult Center Office Agent I Ana Preto
Gardenview Anna Commodari
Gerald McShane Mauro Di Ciocco Special Education Technician
Hampstead School Secretary Donna Allsop
H.S. of Montreal Adult Center VACANT
Honoré Mercier VACANT  
James Lyng High School Special Education Technician Vida Jafari
James Lyng Adult Center VACANT
John Caboto Academy Patrizia Perna Lunch monitor / Daycare Anna Scarola
John F. Kennedy Arianna Riedi/Mylene Perreault
John F. Kennedy Business Center Secretary Melissa Bruzzese
John Grant High School Dana Barrington  Attendant for handicapped students
Laurenhill Junior VACANT
Laurenhill Academy VACANT  
Laurier Macdonald Career Center Alessandro Galante Vocational Training Technician Andrew Henderson
Laurier Macdonald High School Nadia Audet Lab Technician  
Leonardo-Da Vinci Academy Eva Liane Tubio Daycare Educator  
Lester B.  Pearson High School Secretary Diana Cutrone
Mackay Center VACANT
Marymount Academy VACANT
Merton   Tara Ciric
Michelangelo Delia Pagliarulo Daycare Educator
MIND School Secretary Kia Scott
Mountainview VACANT
Nesbitt Todd Roberts Attendant for handicapped students
Options High School Jeff Kornai Special Education Technician
Outreach VACANT
Our Lady of Pompei VACANT
Parkdale VACANT
Perspectives I & II Giulia Amato Special Education Technician
Philip E. Layton Tyeriah Grant Attendant for handicapped students
Pierre de Coubertin Cesie De Crescentis/Franca Timpano
Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Program Mile End VACANT
Rosemount High School VACANT
Rosemount Technology Center VACANT
Roslyn VACANT  
Royal Vale VACANT
Royal West Academy Manila Haghighat Lab Technician  
Shadd Academy & Business Center Steve Baumholtz Vocational Training Technician
Sinclair Laird   Carmela D’Onofrio
St. Gabriel Elliot Roth Special Education Technician  
St. Laurent Adult Center VACANT
St. Monica VACANT
St. Pius X Nicolina Tubercio
St. Raphael Tina Fraga
Venture Jeff Kornai Special Education Technician
Vezina  Scala Beltran
Vincent Massey Collegiate
Wagar Adult Center Vicky Nikolakakos  Office agent Class II
Westmount High School Documentation technician Debra French
Westmount Park- North Campus Evelyne Guitta Daycare service Educator principal class
Westmount Park- South Campus Deborah Mete
Willingdon Junior Rosie Mili
Willingdon Senior Sylvia Azzuolo
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