Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ for EMSB members

Lunch Monitors: EMSB has a policy of 40:1
Daycare Employees: EMSB has a policy of 20:1
Other class of employment: There are no ratios established
Contact your union representative who will guide you through the steps to file a complaint
You are entitled to participate into the group insurance plan if you meet the following conditions:
1. You are on automatic payroll for more than 15 hours per week
2. You pay the employee premiums of the group plan that you have selected
- You must have worked for a minimum of six consecutive months with no interruption of service, and/or
- If your work assignment (i.e. replacement post) is pre-determined for six months or more
- Group Insurance Benefits (provided you work more than 15 hours per week)
- Vacation Bank
- Sick Days
- Personal Days
- Marital Leave Days
- Death in the immediate family days
- Moving day
- Unavoidable circumstance days
- Salary Insurance Benefits
- Parental Leaves
A tenured employee is an employee who holds his/her own position (except: special project or replacement posts) and who has completed two years of full- time service with the EMSB (full-time = a post of 75% or above).
For administrative reason, the answer is yes. However, if the change is within a 60 minute span then the EMSB must give the employee a written notice with a delay of 10 days. For all changes that are over a 60 minute span the EMSB must consult with the Union and the employee in writing and this with a 30 day delay.
Yes, as your employer your immediate superior may choose to evaluate your work performance. If the work performance assessment is negative the immediate superior will write a letter and copy the union. You should contact your union representative who can inform you on the steps that you are advised to take to protect your rights.
Yes, the union can grieve on behalf of a member or collectively for all its members when a clause of the collective agreement is not being applied. However, the union and its members have to file a grievance within a 30 working day limit from the date that the wrongfulness/error occurred. Any grievances filed after such date will be dismissed by the arbitrator.
In most cases the union is copied in these letters; however it has happened that for whatever reasons we do not obtain a copy. For this reason it is important that you contact us so that we can protect your rights and guide you through the process.
Yes you must inform your immediate superior at least 24 hours in advance that you will be taking a personal day.
No, regardless of the reason you are taking the day off and this provided that you give him or her 24 hours’ notice.
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