General Assembly Results – Changes to SSQ Insurance and APPA Constitution

On November 20th, 2018, a General Assembly was held at the EMSB’s main office building to present the proposed changes to our SSQ insurance coverage and to APPA’s constitution.

Four (4) proposals which included changes to our SSQ Insurance Plan were adopted during the General Assembly. The compilations of these votes were sent to the School Sector –FEESP and they have recently confirmed that they obtained the double majority. As such, the proposed changes to the group insurance that were presented at our general assembly will take effect on January 1, 2019 as well as the new structure as of March 31st, 2019.

During the assembly meeting, a question was asked regarding the tabulation of the APPA vote. Please note that the APPA consists of two separate accreditations (CSDM & EMSB) and for group insurance purposes the vote and tally of such was done independently.

As for the modifications in the APPA’s constitution, two main changes were proposed: 1) the addition of one CNESST vice-president post to the APPA-CSDM executive structure; and 2) to change the distribution of APPA-EMSB’s delegates to the APPA’s Union Council from three General Sector delegates and two Day Care sector delegates to two General Sector delegates, two Day Care sector delegates and two Special Education sector delegates.

These two proposals were also adopted by the majority of the members.

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