The Roberge reform imposed by gag order! Dress in black on Feb 10!

Dress in black on Feb 7


The problems of the Roberge reform and its Bill 40 are numerous: the likely centralization of certain services such as payroll, the increased possibility of merging territories, the grouping of services currently provided by school boards with the municipal sector or even with the private sector.

The minister has now tabled 82 amendments to his bill and they will not even be considered by the elected members of the National Assembly! The bill will be adopted under the gag order. This is unacceptable! We, the school support staff, do not want to pay the price for this improvisation.

In protest:

  • Dress in black on Monday, February 10
  • Take a picture in front of the school with a black ribbon X on your mouth to denounce the gag order.
  • Share the photos on your Facebook pages and send them to and we will send them to the FEESP School Sector to create a provincial album.


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