Delegate Elections for the 2021-2022 School Year

Does the role of union delegate in your workplace interest you but you are not exactly sure what the duties and tasks associated with the role are?

To paint a clearer picture, we can say that a union delegate is an individual chosen by their peers to bring syndical life to their respective workplace.   We encourage and prefer that all workplaces elect or nominate a union delegate to officially represent the APPA.

However, If no one in your workplace is willing or able, volunteering as an Information Liaison would also be of great help to us.

Role of the Elected Delegate

  • Represent the APPA within your respective workplace
  • Mobilize your colleagues to encourage participation in different situations and activities proposed by the APPA, such as general assemblies, sector meetings, social activities, organized trips, etc.
  • Consult members in your workplace in order to obtain their opinions and their expectations on issues such as working conditions and all other syndical matters.
  • Transmit information from the Union’s Executive Committee

How to Become A Delegate

Delegates must be elected (if there is more than one candidate) or nominated each year at their respective schools and daycares or by department if you work at the EMSB head office.  If you are interested, complete the Election Form and return it to Andrea Di Tomaso by:

Internal Mail: APPA
Fax: 514 254-7872

Download the 2021-2022 Election Form
Télécharger le Formulaire d’élection 2021-2022

Role of the Information Liaison

  • Inform their peers and ensure that all members have access to the Ensemble newsletters, information bulletins and all other pertinent information transmitted by the union.
  • Distribute items such as stickers, tuques, posters etc. to the APPA members in your school / department.
  • Request information or items that you may not have received from the APPA.

How to Volunteer as an Information Liaison

Consult with your colleagues and write an email to Andrea Di Tomaso, Mobilization & Information Coordinator at expressing your interest in becoming a Liaison.  There can be more than one Information Liaison at your workplace!


Don’t hesitate to contact the APPA at 514 254-3503 (217) or if you have any questions or concerns regarding delegates, information liaisons or the election process.



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