Action Plan – Experience is not relative!

April 26, 2019

As part of the “Experience is Not Relative’ Action Plan put in plan to recognize the all experience should have been considered in the implementation of the new salary structure of April 2, 2019. We […]

General Assembly – April 29

April 18, 2019

We will be holding a General Assembly on Monday, April 29th at 7 pm at the EMSB Head Office. This General Assembly will most importantly be a presentation of the sectorial demands for the next […]

2019-2020 Lump Sum Information

April 5, 2019

As negotiated in 2015, the public sector’s current collective agreements provide for additional remuneration of $0.16 per hour paid to be added directly to each paycheque of an employee for the period from April 1, […]

FEESP-CSN Survey on Health & Safety in Schools

April 5, 2019

Working in schools exposes staff members to a variety of risks that sometimes leads to injuries and illnesses. In preparation for the next round of collective bargaining, the FEESP–CSN School Sector wishes to collect as […]

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