Supervising Stagiaires

Stage Supervisor Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible employees must be part of the APPA union.
  • Eligible employees must have five (5) years of relevant experience.
  • The position of the eligible employee must fit the criteria listed in the request coming from the educational institution

The Professional Improvement Committee reserves funds for support staff members who take the role of stage supervisor.  A lump sum amount will be awarded to the stage supervisor the end of the school year. 

Approval Process

  • All requests for a stage placement must first go to the Principal or Director. If the educational institution contacted an employee directly, the employee has the responsibility to direct the request to the Principal or Director. A stage student cannot start without the permission of the Principal or Director.
  •  The Principal or Director will discuss with eligible (5 years experience in the field) support staff to validate the level of interest.
  • Should interest in taking a stage student be higher than the demand, the decision will be based on seniority.


The Professional Improvement Committee is given a lump sum amount for all stage supervisors. As the number of stage supervisors is unknown, the Professional Improvement Committee has agreed to wait until all requests are received to determine how much each stage supervisor will receive. The formula to pay supervisors is based on the number of hours of the stage.

The deadline to submit all request forms is May 31, 2024. Should forms be submitted past the deadline, there is no guarantee of compensation.

Stage Documents