Press Coverage | Nov 6 Common Front Strike

On Monday November 6th all 420,000 public sector workers in the Common Front completed their first day in a sequence of strike days leading up to a general unlimited strike. Unsurprisingly we were all over the media!

Below is a list of some of the press coverage:


CTV News Montreal
Quebec public sector unions go on strike, announce 72-hour walkout later this month
Quebec’s Common Front says it will strike again in 2 weeks if negotiations continue to stall

City TV News Montreal
Hundreds of thousands of Quebec public sector workers on strike today

Montreal Gazette
Negotiate or prepare for a 72-hour strike, public-sector unions warn

East End Montreal – Domenic Fazioli
Major public sector strike Monday across Quebec (November 6 2023)

CBC News Montreal
Unions announce 3 more strike days as 420,000 Quebec public workers walk off the job today
How did we get here? Quebec public sector unions take page from past to fight today’s labour battle


Noovo Info
Secteur public: le front commun sera de nouveau en grève les 21, 22 et 23 novembre

ICI Radio-Canada
24.60 : Grève du Front commun, est-ce seulement le début?