School Sector #16 | We’re tired of Waiting

Information on the progress of the draft of the new collective agreement. When we will see the following changes: Increases to the employer contribution to the insurance plan, application of additional vacation days, remuneration for CPR training, classroom aide implementation and progressive retirement.

March 2024 Ensemble Newsletter

IN THIS ISSUE: Agreement in Principle Adopted by the School Sector| The Basics of the New Collective Agreement | Dare to Give Campaign 2024 | Supervising Stagiaires | Phoenix: 21st APPA Convention

Public Sector | Agreement Officially Adopted

Following a series of general assemblies held between January 15 and February 20, 2024, CSN members adopted the agreement. Invited to vote on both the central table agreement and the sectoral agreement concerning them, 81% of workers voted in favor.

Common Front | Details of the Central Table Tentative Deal

After weeks of intensive bargaining talks, and having consulted its intermediate decision-making bodies, the Front commun can now present more details of the tentative agreement that will be submitted to members in general assemblies from mid-January to the third week of February 2024.

Le piquetage, « qu’ossa » donne?

En s’inspirant de l’expression consacrée par l’humoriste Yvon Deschamps, nous avons interrogé des acteurs du milieu syndical et politique à propos du rôle et de l’influence véritables de ce moyen de pression.