Common Front | Mar 27 2023

On Monday, Front commun negotiators at the central bargaining table were presented with a comprehensive offer by Treasury Board representatives. The Front commun will take time to study the offer.

Common Front | 10 mar 2023

At the bargaining session that took place on March 8 – International Women’s Rights Day, as we all know – the government showed an outrageous lack of respect and sensitivity by digging in its heels and refusing to extend premiums that are due to expire on March 31 and September 30, 2023, while other provisions are maintained. This refusal will have a very significant impact on the compensation received by many public-sector workers, including thousands of women, starting April 1.

Common Front | 21 Feb 2023

Who’s not available at the bargaining tables? The government, that’s who. Health minister Christian Dubé last week accused “the unions” of not coming to bargaining tables. This is a falsehood, and one that sends a very bad signal for future bargaining sessions.

CSN Public Sector | Le point sur la négo

The Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN) and its public sector federations are dissapointed that the government continues to negotiate outside of the the agreed negotiation tables. In the middle of a negotiation, a government offer must be brought to the bargaining table, not delivered live on TV or via email. In light of the Treasury Board’s latest offers emailed earlier today, it seems the government needs another reminder.

Common Front | Jan 25, 2023

It is a UNANIMOUS NO from the 420,000 members of the Common Front for the central table offers tabled by the Treasury Board on December 15 as part of the 2023 negotiations.