What’s Going on? Clarification on the Teachers’ Tentative Agreement

This week, there have been reports, especially in the Francophone media, and that elementary and secondary school teachers will receive salary increases ranging from 17.4% up to 24.5%. Contrary what was reported in the media, the Common Front did not negotiate these changes.

The Fédération des syndicats de l’enseignement (FSE-CSQ) which includes the Montreal Teachers Association (MTA) gained salary raises for middle-level teachers during sectoral negotiations.

So what do we know about the teachers’ gains?

According to the FSE-CSQ-negotiated agreement, teachers’ final salaries (at the top of the scale) will increase by the same percentage as all public sector job titles (17.4% over five years). The bulk of teachers (55-60%) are in this group. They will receive the same compensation raise that was negotiated for all public sector employees. The extra increases will have an impact on teachers who are just starting out. The government indicated at the start of the negotiations that it intended to enhance the pay of early-career teachers, and this is exactly what it did on the sectoral table.

We hope that this helps to clarify (at least a little bit) what has been going on with the teachers’ salary.

But what have the school support staff gained during our sectoral negotiations?

  • The School Sector negotiated important increases that would affect all employees working a low number of hours as well as significant gains in the calculation of seniority and tenure.
  • We have introduced a minimum number of working days before the start of classes in August for both Daycare and Special Education personnel.
  • We have achieved recurring financial envelopes for violence prevention, global health, professional improvement and integration.

These are some of the supplementary monetary gains that will help support staff to augment their base salaries. But, like the FSE-CSQ agreement, some of this does not apply to all support staff. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen not to include these amounts with the Common Front salary increases.

There are many other changes to our working conditions. These changes will be presented during all the General Assemblies for school support staff in the CSN. We need you to come to your general assembly to cast your vote, this is the most important vote of this round of negotiations, so we hope you will be there.

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